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Growing up in Connecticut in the 1980s, I was raised by my mom. She was a single mom, but my dad was very involved in my life and they co-parented well together. My mom and I moved all over CT as she advanced her nursing career. Watching my mom succeed as a single woman raising a child instilled in me a strong work ethic and also taught me to follow my dreams no matter how difficult or impossible they might feel or seem.

After college, I dabbled in some entrepreneurial endeavors but opted for the stability of working for a corporation and went on to build a career in sales, marketing, and business management. Perhaps the most exciting experience during that time was managing an inside sales team at a manufacturing company just outside of London, England. For about 6 years, I lived overseas and traveled to Europe on a regular basis for work. I got to experience different cultures, languages, and ways of life as well as visit lots of beautiful countries!

As exciting as this career was, I longed for one that was more aligned with my personal values and that allowed me to give back to causes I’m passionate about. One of those causes is animal rights and rescue.

So, I left the corporate world in 2019 and took my business learnings to a new career as a real estate agent and investor. I realized that a career in real estate would allow me to help the animal rights and rescue community (as well as many others) both financially and with professional real estate services.

Fast forward to today and my business partner, Amy Parham, and I are now the proud owners of Red Door Realty in beautiful Travelers Rest, SC. At Red Door Realty, our mission is not only to help people buy, sell and invest in real estate, but to help our agents reach their career goals while aligning with their own personal values and supporting the communities and causes they’re passionate about. We take real estate very personally!

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